BAC1205N/2403N battery charger, adopts the latest switch power components, is specially designed for charging lead-acid starting battery according to its property. This charger is suitable for lead-acid battery long-term supplementary charge (float charge).


Product with the following characteristics,

1. Designed in switching power structure, wide range of AC voltage input, small volume, light weight and high efficiency;
2. Two-stage charging method (constant current firstly and then constant voltage), fully considering charging property of the lead-acid battery, can avoid overcharging and extent extend the battery life to the fullest;
3. With short circuit and reverse connection protection;
4. Suitable for charging 12V or 24V batteries with corresponding model BAC1205N or BAC2403N;
5. LED display: charging indication and full charged indication;
6. Easy installation: guide-rail way installation, screw mounting installation;
7. Built-in terminals, flame retardant plastic shell.

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