SOCOMEC Dual Power Switch Control Module Selection

At present, there are two main types of PC-level dual power switch in China: motor driven isolation and electromagnetic driven. Now we will introduce you a few suitable automatic switching control modules for the motor drive isolation SOCOMEC and the domestic equivalent dual power switch.

Economical Cabinet Installation Type--HAT163 Dual Power Control Module

1. Three types of installation : guide rail in cabinet, screws in cabinet and pannel installation;

2. It is simple and convinent for the short connection distance inside the cabinet;

3. With the detect funcitons of overvoltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, underfrequency, phase shortage and inverse phase sequence;

4. Panel LED can clearly display the ATS working state;

5. It can realize one-way main use, two-way main use, automatic switching and automatic recovery, automatic switching and non automatic recovery.

Simple Pannel Installation Control Module --HAT530N

1. Silicone mask, better performance at high and low temperature;

2. The output contact of the genset is always closed, so there is no need for external DC power supply;

3. Programmable relay is configured to control power supply switching of ATS;

4. Normal delay and abnormal delay of the power can be set;

5. With the detect function of overvoltage, undervoltage and phase shortage.

High Cost Performance--HATC60 Dual Power Control Module

1. 100ms quick switching;

2. 132x64 LCD display with two languages (CN & EN);

3. It can collect and display two-way three-phase voltage, frequency and phase sequence;

4. With the functions of overvoltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, underfrequency, phase shortage and inverse phase sequence;

5. With the function of historical record, 200 pieces of data can be cycled;

6. With the function of regular inspection and starting /not starting at fixed time;

7. Two genset can be controlled to realize cycle operation, active-standby operation and time-balanced operation;

8. Standard RS485 isolated communication interface, ModBus-RTU communication protocol, with remote control, remote signal, remote regulating functions, which can remote control geneset start, stop, close and open of the remote control switch.


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