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SmartGen HGM8110ZDC Genset Controller

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Product Overview:

HGM8110ZDC Genset Controller is especially designed for single unit system in DC and AC applications, which can be adapt to extremely high/low temperature environments (-40°C~+70°C). Controller applies LCD with low temperature heating function and electronic components which bear extreme high and low temperatures, so that it can work reliably under extreme temperatures. After careful consideration about electromagnetic compatibility under various occasions at designing, this provides powerful guarantee for the controller to work reliably under complex environment of strong electromagnetic interference. Controller is pluggable terminal structure, which is very convenient for product maintenance, upgrade and update. Controller can display Chinese and English languages.

HGM8110ZDC Genset Controller integrates digitization, intelligence and network technology which is used for genset automation and monitoring system of single unit to achieve automatic start/stop, DC and AC data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” functions. Controller adopts 32-bit micro-processor technology, realizing precise measurement of various parameters, fixed value adjusting, timing, threshold setting etc. A majority of parameters can be configured from front panel, and all parameters can be configured by PC via USB port, or RS485 or RS232 or ETHERNET to adjust and monitor. It can be widely used in all types of automatic genset control system with compact structure, simple wiring, and high reliability.


HGM8110ZDC: It is DC genset controller and used for AC and (or) DC single automation systems to control genset start/stop through remote signal; It is especially suitable for single unit automation system made up of 1-way DC and 1-way AC.

Main characteristics are as below:

● 32-bit ARM SCM, highly integrated hardware, reliability gets improved;
●Large graphic dot matrix self-heating LCD display, selectable Chinese/English interface which can be chosen at the site, making commissioning convenience for factory personnel;
●LCD adopts hard screen acrylic material with good wear-resisting and scratch-resisting;
●Silicone panel and pushbuttons, strong adaptability of extreme temperature environments;
●RS485 and RS232 communication interfaces, which can realize “Three remote functions” (remote control, remote measuring and remote communication) by using MODBUS protocol;
●ETHERNET communication port, which can realize ETHERNET monitoring method (controller with ETHERNET port is needed);
●Equipped with CANBUS port, which can connect ECU engine with J1939, which not only can monitor frequently-used data (such as water temperature, oil pressure, speed, fuel consumption and so on) of ECU machine, but also control starting up, shutdown, raising speed and speed drop via CANBUS port (controller with CANBUS interface is needed);
●Suitable for 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire systems with voltage 120/240V and system with frequency 50/60Hz;
●Collects and shows AC Gen 3-phase voltage, current, frequency, power parameters;
●Collects and shows DC Gen voltage, current, power parameters:
●AC                                    DC
●Line voltage (Uab, Ubc, and Uca)         Voltage  U
●Phase voltage (Ua, Ub, and Uc)           Power
●Phase sequence   Current  I
●Frequency  Hz                        Accumulative electric power
●Current    Ia, Ib, Ic                                A (unit)
●Each phase and total active power  P                kW (unit)
●Each phase and total reactive power  Q              kvar (unit)
●Each phase and total apparent power  S              kVA (unit)
●Each phase and average power factor  PF             1 (unit)
●Accumulated total generator power  W               kWh, kvarh, kVAh (unit)
●Earth current  I                                    A (unit)
●For AC Generator, controller has over and under voltage, over and under frequency, over current, over power, reverse power, loss of phase and reverse phase sequence detection functions; for DC Generator, controller has over and under ●voltage, over current, and over power detection functions;
●3 fixed analog sensors (temperature, oil pressure and fuel level);
●2 configurable analog sensors can be set to sensor of temperature, oil pressure or fuel level; resistor/voltage/current type sensors are supported;
●Precisely measure various parameters of engine:
●Temp. (WT)               °C/°F can be selected
●Oil pressure (OP)          kPa/psi/bar can be selected
●Fuel level (FL)              % (unit)
●Speed (SPD)               r/min (unit)
●Voltage of Battery (VB)       V (unit)
●Voltage of Charger (VD)       V (unit)
●Timer                     accumulative to max. 65535 hours.
●Accumulated Start times    accumulative to max. 65535 times.
●Control and protection function: realize automatic start/stop of the diesel genset, breaker close and open (ATS transfer) control and perfect fault indication protection function;
●All output ports are relay outputs;
●Parameter setting function: parameters can be modified by users and stored in internal FLASH memory and cannot be lost even in case of power outage; most of them can be adjusted by using front panel of the controller and all of them can be modified by using PC via USB port, RS485, RS232 or ETHERNET ports;
●Multiple curves of temperature, oil pressure, and fuel level sensors can be used directly and users can define the sensor curves by themselves;
●Multiple crank disconnect conditions (speed, oil pressure, generator frequency) are optional;
●Wide power supply range DC(8~35)V, suitable for different starting battery voltage environment;
●Event log, real-time clock, scheduled start & stop generator functions (can be set to start genset once a day/week/month with load or not).
●PLC (Programmable Logic Control) function. Users can use graphical programming to achieve specific functions;
●Can be used as an indicating instrument (only for indication and alarm, no action for relay);
●Maintenance function. Actions (warning, trip and stop or shutdown) can be set when maintenance time is out;
●All parameters are digitally adjusted, getting rid of conventional analog modulation with normal potentiometer, improving whole case's reliability and stability;
●Ingress protection level IP65 due to rubber gasket installed between the controller enclosure and control panel;
●Metal fixing clips are used to fix controller, outstanding performance in high temperature environment;
●Modular design, pluggable connection terminals and embedded installation way; compact structure with easy mounting;
●Accumulative running A and B, accumulative electric power A and B; users can zero clear them and accumulate them again, making convenience for users.

Why SmartGen?

  • More than 200,000 units yearly
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  • More than 50 offices worldwide
  • Almost 200 technology patents
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