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SmartGen HFC6100LT Used for automatic control of 5 groups of fans

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Technical Parameters:
Display  LCD(132*64)
Operation Panel  Silicon Rubber
Language  Chinese & English
Transistor output  12
PWM output  4
Digital Input  18
Analogue Input  5
Monitor Interface  RS485
Programmable Interface  RS485
RTC & Event Log  ●
DC Supply  DC(8~35)V
Case Dimensions(mm)  209*167*45
Panel Cutout(mm)  186*141
Operating Temp.  (-40~+70)℃

Product Overview:
HFC6100LT Fan Controller can be used for automatic control of 5 groups of fans, and can control its start/stop and PWN output function according to the selected temperature sensor. It has the function of balancing the running time of fan. This controller integrates digital, intelligent and network technologies and is able to work in the temperature range (-40°C~+70°C). It is easy and reliable to operate by LCD display with Chinese and English.

HFC6100LT Fan Controller adopts 32-bit micro-processing technique which can achieve precise measurement of various parameters, value adjustment, timing and threshold setting etc. All the parameters can be configured from front panel. It can be used in all types of fan automatic systems for its compact structure, simple connection and high reliability.


1. 132*64 LCD display with backlight, optional Chinese and English operation interfaces for on-site selection, which is convenient for commissioning staff;

2. With RS485 communication port, it can achieve “four remote” functions (remote control, remote measurement, remote communication and remote adjustment) via MODBUS protocol;

3. Collect and display parameters of temperature, PWM output percentage, fan output numbers, etc.;

4. With the function of grouping control of fans, 1 sensor could control the output of a group of fans, or multiple sensors could control the same group of fans, the number of output fans is the maximum number of fans required by multiple sensors;

5. Each sensor can set the temperature control fan curve, (8 points, X (Temperature), Y (Output fan numbers);

6. With the function of balancing running time: the fan with shortest running time will output when the start conditions are met each time;

7. Control protection functions: to realize high temperature and open circuit of sensor alarms, as well as perfect fault display protections;

8. With PWM control output function, the auto mode will automatically adjust PWM output duty ratio according to the selected temperature sensor;

9. Parameter setting function: allow users to change and set the parameters in case of missing even power off. The parameters can be adjusted from front panel;

10. With a variety of temperature sensor curves and they are available for users to customize;

11. The controller has 12# outputs, which can be divided into 5 groups at most;

12. With 4# PWM output ports and each one can manually or automatically adjust PWM;

13. Wide power supply range DC(8~35)V, is able to adapt to different battery voltage environments;

14, Add rubber gasket ring between shell and controller screen, the waterproof performance can reach to IP65;

15. Controller is fixed by metal fixing clips;

16. Modular design, pluggable wiring terminals, embedded mounting, compact structure and easy installation.

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