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SmartGen SGWS115 Temperature sensor, PT100, CCS

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Product Overview:
SGWS115 resistance type temperature sensor is based on German Heraeus-Pt100 film platinum resistor and has stainless 304 steel enclosure. It is used for measuring the temperature of liquid and gas fluids. Its features are highly precise measurement, high resolution, improved security and easy operation. The sensor can measure the temperature of various liquids and vapours which produced during production process and other mediums.

Measuring range:-20°C~ +150°C
Output mode:Three-wire system resistance output
standard:DIN EN 60751(Corresponds to IEC751)
Screw thread:G1/2 standard pipe thread
Autothermal coefficient:0.4K/mW(when the temperature is 0°C)
Long-term stability:R0 nominal resistance drift ≤0.04%
Anti-vibration level:At least 40g acceleration (10-2000Hz)
Insulation resistance:>100MΩ,(when the temperature is 20°C)
Shock resistance level:At least 100g acceleration(after 8.5ms fluctuation)
Response time:Water @0.4m/s t0.5=0.05s t0.9=0.15s Air @2m/s t0.5=3.0s t0.9=10.0s
Test condition:0.3mA~1mA
Temperature coefficient:TCR=3850ppm/K
Allowable tolerance:Class A
Measurement accuracy class:Class 0.25
Protection Class:IP65
Shell:stainless steel 304
Measurement medium:Fluid, such as liquid and gas.

Why SmartGen?

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