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SmartGen HMU15 Genset remote monitoring controller

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Technical Parameters:
Display  LCD
Language  Chinese & English
Monitor Interface  RS485
Case Dimensions(mm)  366*293*58
Panel Cutout(mm)  352*279

Product Overview:
HMU15 genset controller is suitable for remote monitoring single/multi HGM9510 genset controllers, which can realize auto start/stop genset, data measurement, alarms display and “Three Remote” functions (remote control, remote measurement and remote communication). It fits with LCD display, multi-level operation authorities and touch screen, so as to make this module reliable and easy to use.

HMU15 controller, with high-end microprocessor design, communicates with HGM9510 genset controller via RS232 (with RS232 to RS485 module) and RS485 ports. Then parameters of genset can be read directly through communication ports and displayed on the HMU15 screen.


1. Up to six HGM9510 genset controllers can be monitored remotely;
2. High end ARM microprocessor as the core, LCD with backlit, visualization display and touch screen operation;
3. Real-time display genset parameters and alarms information that detected by the HGM9510 controller;
4. HMU15 is able to control detailed parameters and buttons operation of HGM9510 genset controller;
5. Operation authorities can be configured to prevent misoperation from non-professionals resulting in abnormal operation of gensets and causing unnecessary accidents;
6. High accuracy time display, and “engineer” or “technician” level authority can setting current time of system;
7. Modular design, flame retardant ABS plastic enclosure, pluggable wiring connectors, built-in mounting, compact structure and easy to use.

Why SmartGen?

  • More than 200,000 units yearly
  •  19 years of successful business
  • More than 50 offices worldwide
  • Almost 200 technology patents
  • ISO, GM and CCSR certificates
  • High quality and low prices
  •  Wide variety of generator parts


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