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SmartGen HTL04A Engine Heater, Wide application on various engines with(50~110)L lubricant oil volume

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Technical Parameters:
Rated Power  400W
Rated Voltage  AC240V
Rated Current  1.67A
Thermostat Range  Off:50ºC On:35ºC
Electrical Strength  AC 1.5kV 1min Leakage Current≤3mA
Insulating Resistance  ≥50MΩ
Max. Water Pressure  0.5MPa
Protection Level  IP65
Vibration Resistance  5 ~ 8 Hz: 17mm 8 ~100 Hz: a=4g 100-500 Hz: a=2g IEC 60068-2-6
Lubricant Oil Volume(L)  50~110
Case Dimensions(mm)  255*43*43
Weight(kg)  0.59

Product Overview:
If during cranking the outside temperature is lower than 4ºC, engine lubricant may lose its lubricating properties, which can damage the engine. Engine oil heater should be installed to ensure normal starting and running of the engine when the outside temperature is lower than 4 ºC.

HTL series engine oil heater adopts cast stainless steel inner pipes and end closure with high corrosion resistance.

This product is suitable for various engine with (50~110)L engine oil volume.

1. Stainless steel inner pipes and end closure with high corrosion resistance and solid features;
2. The inner pipes have long service life with the benefit of the low power of the unit areas.
3. All-in-one design, compact structure and small volume.

Why SmartGen?

  • More than 200,000 units yearly
  •  19 years of successful business
  • More than 50 offices worldwide
  • Almost 200 technology patents
  • ISO, GM and CCSR certificates
  • High quality and low prices
  •  Wide variety of generator parts


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