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SmartGen HAT553 Dual power ATS controller Suitable for NO Breaking ATS. ONE Breaking ATS and TWO Breaking ATS

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Technical Parameters:
Display  LCD(132*64)
Language  Chinese & English
Programmable Input  4
Programmable Output  6
AC System  1P2W/2P3W/3P4W
Alternator Frequency  50/60Hz
Volt Freq Protection  ●
Monitor Interface  RS485
Programmable Interface  RS485
RTC(Real Time Clock)  ●
Scheduled Start Genset  ●
Applicable Switch Type  Two-stage、Three-stage
Case Dimensions(mm)  139*120*50
Panel Cutout(mm)  130*111
Operating Temp.  (-25~+70)℃

Product Overview:
HAT552/HAT553 dual power ATS controller is a dual power transfer module integrated with configurable function, automatic measurement, LCD display, and digital communication. It combines digitalization, intelligence and networking together, which realizes automation for measuring and control process, reducing artificial operation mistakes. It is the ideal product for dual power transfer. HAT552 is applicable for non-breaking switches, while HAT553 is applicable for non-breaking, one-breaking, and two-breaking switches.

HAT552/HAT553 dual power ATS controller is made with the microprocessor in the core, which can precisely measure 2-channel 3-phase voltages, make correct judgment and control outputs for occurred voltage abnormal (over voltage, under voltage, loss of phase, over frequency, under frequency, reverse phase sequence). It has compact structure, advanced circuits, simple wiring and high reliability, and can be widely used in electrical automatic control system of electric power, telecommunications, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, railways, municipal administration, intelligent building etc.


System type can be set to: Mains - Generator, Generator - Mains, Mains - Mains;

132x64 LCD with backlight, optional Chinese and English display, push-button operation;

Measure and display 2-channel 3 phase voltage, frequency and phase sequence;

Display of A power/B power accumulated close times;

Display of present continuous power supply time and A power/B power accumulated power supply time;

Over/under voltage, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence, over/under frequency protection function;

Auto/Manual mode transfer function: in manual mode, user can control the switch to close or open;

All parameters are configurable. password verification is used to prevent non-professional error operations;

Commissioning can be done on site manually to execute genset start/stop operations;

Switch Re-closing function is fitted;

Breaker close output can be set to pulse or steady output;

2-channel N wire isolated design;

Real-time clock (RTC) display, and event log function, which can record 50 data cyclically.

Scheduled start & stop generator function: running once monthly/weekly, and onload/offload running are configurable;

AC supply power can be phase voltage (L, N), supply range: (170-277)V;

1 RS485 isolated communication port, has "remote control, remote measuring, remote communication, remote adjusting" function with ModBus-RTU communication protocol; genset start, genset stop, ATS close/open can be controlled remotely;  

Suitable for various AC system types (3 phase 4-wire, single-phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire);

Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic shell, pluggable terminal, built-in mounting, compact structure with easy installation.

Why SmartGen?

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