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RGCP-3400 Redundant Genset Control Module Application

RGCP-3400 Redundant Genset Control Module Application

RGCP-3400 is a redundant control system developed by WOODWARD for the high requirements and reliability application scenarios of data center, shipping, oil and other industries. It is an effective solution for the integration of redundant control.

RGCP-3400 is delivered directly to customers in the form of control box module, which integrates two customized easYgen-3400 genset control modules with corresponding protection and redundant hardware configuration. Customers only need to connect and use as the common single unit control module, without considering how to control/switch between the two easYgen-3400 control modules.

Application of grid connection control for single genset:

Application for grid connection control for mutiple gensets:

Application of multi-segment, multi-grid and complex power system:

Customers could monitor the whole system through the Modbus/CAN communication interface of RGCP-3400, or WOODWARD's RP3000 remote control panel. RP3000 is available for mode selections (automatic, manual, stop), data monitoring, alarm reset, parameter setting, etc.

RGCP-3400 can choose to use the EKS DL-CANR communication module, which forms the ring network structure through the optical fiber, so the failure of any load distribution line will not affect the load distribution of the system. The following is the single line diagram of RGCP3400 applied to a project in China.

WOODWARD single unit control modules:


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