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It gradually becomes cool in Autumn, please cherish the engine with your heart

It gradually becomes cool in Autumn, please cherish the engine with your heart

It’s getting cooler, please put on a pair of long johns! No matter what color is, just to keep warm.

The engine is also cold due to the weather, its "long johns" should be purchased immediately, as soon as possible to put it on. This year we wil prepare for the engine a small, lightweight, warm effect, stylish appearance of "slim pants"--HWP40N.

 Performance features

  1. 4KW forced circulation, suitable for engines with (15-30) L displacement

  2. Rated power supply voltage: AC 240V

  3. with heating status indicator light

  4. with dry burning and overheating protection function

  5. The heating temperature can be set from control panel

  6. 4-bit digital tube display: display the current coolant temperature, user-set temperature, accumulated running time, accumulated energy consumption and current voltage

  7. Water flow sensor is fitted, which can show current coolant temperature, quickly detect water shortage,blockage and air intake of pipelines;

  8. Manual test function is fitted, water valve, exhaust valve

  9. optional pagoda header Ф 19.5 mm or or thread header G 3/4

Heater series of SmartGen covers water jacket heater,oil heater

  1. Self-circulating water jacket heater (1KW-4KW):HT10M、HT22M、HT40M

  2. Forced circulating water jacket heater (4KW-12KW):HWP40N/HWP40/HWP60/HWP90/HWP120

  3. Oil heater:HTL04(400W)

It gradually becomes cool in Autumn, plecherish the engine with your heart!

Wear a intimate and warm “long johns”, let the engine feels at ease in winter.


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