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HGM1790N Small Genset Controller

HGM1790N Small Genset Controller

HGM1790N Small Genset Controller

For the small power genset, due to the limitation of volume, the control unit should also consider its appearance size and its economic practicability! The introduction of the HGM1790N genset controller, which fully meets the requirements of small power unit control; The main functions are:
functions are as follows:

The successful start conditions can be independently selected: oil pressure, power generation and magnetic sensor; it solves  small power engine with no space magnetic sensor.

With single phase voltage, single phase current collection display and protection function;

With load % display, the output power percentage of genset is directly judged;

General USB interface, silica gel panel, graphical LCD display, can set all parameters via the panel;

With temperature, oil pressure, liquid level display and protection function;

Applicable to the control of air compressor unit and pump unit;

Can convert modules via SGB100 Bluetooth communication, with IGMPA6 (APP, only for android system), the function of parameter setting, configuration reading and saving, unit control and other functions can be realized via the mobile phone.

Can replace HGM1770 and HGM1780.


 Graphical LCD display(with backlight), LED indicator, touch-buttons operation;

 Hard screen acrylic material is used to protect screen.

 Silicone panel and buttons are adopted to increase high and low temperature adaption ability.

 Power supply range DC (8~35)V,compatibility with 12V or 24V starter batteries;

 Generator single phase voltage, current, frequency, power and load percentage parameters are measured and displayed:

Generator Voltage   V          Generator Frequency   Hz

     Generator Power   kW         Generator Current      A

     Load Percentage    %

 Precision measured and displayed electric quantity of generator:

Oil Pressure   kPa               Temperature   ºC

Fuel Level      %                Total Running Time   H (max. 199999 hours)

Battery Voltage   V               Engine Speed  RPM

Accumulated Start Times (max. 199999 times, displayed on PC)

 With genset fault protection and display functions.

 3 working modes: manual, auto, stop;

 Compatibility with multiple temperature, pressure, fuel level sensors, which can be user-defined and used directly; temperature sensors, pressure sensors can be used in parallel with annunciator, providing analog quantity and increasing protection level at the same time;

 Multiple crank disconnect conditions to select (engine speed sensor, oil pressure, generator frequency);

 1 configurable input port which can be set as digital input or liquid level sensor;

 4 fixed relay outputs (fuel relay, start relay, stop relay and idle relay);

 1 configurable output port which can be set as common alarm output, fail to stop output, preheat output or idle control output;

 Parameters can be set and modified by users and saved in internal FLASH storage, which means that they will not be lost in case of power off. Most parameters of the controller can be modified using the front panel and all parameters can be adjusted by PC software via type-B USB port;

 Digital regulation of all parameters - instead of analog regulation using conventional potentiometer - and, therefore, higher reliability and stability;

 Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic enclosure and embedded installation way; small size and compact structure with easy mounting.


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