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SmartGen HMC6000S Marine Engine Controller, Engine control, RS485, CANBUS, module expanding, RS485, CCS

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HMC6000 diesel engine controller integrates digitization, intelligentization and network technology which are used for genset automation and monitor control system of single unit to achieve automatic start/stop, data measure, alarm protection and “three remote” (remote control, remote measuring and remote communication). It fit with 132*64 liquid display, optional Chinese/English languages interface, and it is reliable and easy to use.

The powerful 32-bit ARM processor contained within the module allows for precision parameters measuring, fixed value adjustment, time setting and set value adjusting and etc..Majority parameters can be configured from front panel and can be configured by communication interface via PC. Due to its compact structure, simple connections and high reliability, HMC6000 can be widely used in marine emergency engines, main propulsion engines, main generator engines and pumping engines.

HMC6000 diesel engine controller has an expansion CANBUS port that will be connected to a remote control module or expansion digital output module, LED indicator expansion module and security module.

1. 32-bit ARM micro-processor, 132*64 liquid display, optional Chinese/English interface, push-button operation;
2. Remote monitoring and remote start/stop control via CANBUS port; HMC6000 panel lock in remote mode, making work safe and convenient.
3. LA16 indicator module and RPU560A security module can be expanded via CANBUS port.
4. RS485 communication ports enable data transmission as well as remote control, remote measurement and remote communication to be performed with the help of PC monitoring software via MODBUS protocol;
5. Control and protection: remote/local start and stop, alarm protection.
6. Override mode, in which only overspeed shutdown and emergency shutdown can be able to stop the engine;
7. Parameter setting: parameters can be modified and stored into internal FLASH memory and can not be lost even in case of power outage;
8. Five sensor inputs for pressure, temperature, liquid level or other sensors; pressure sensor, aux. sensor also can be set to 4-20mA inputs and voltage type inputs;
9. Real-time clock, engine total run-time accumulation, display the total start times;
10. Built-in watchdog to ensure smooth program execution;
11. Built-in speed detection that accurately estimates starter disconnect speed, rated speed and overspeed.
12. 99 event logs can be saved circularly and can be inquired on the spot.
13. Digital regulation of all parameters - instead of analog regulation using conventional potentiometer - and, therefore, higher reliability and stability;
14. Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic enclosure and embedded installation way; small size and compact structure with easy mounting

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