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SmartGen CMM363-2G Cloud Monitoring Modem, GPRS 2G wireless network connects cloud server

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CMM363-2G controller used for a single generator set monitoring communication system with the functions of data measurement and alarm protection. Generator set information collected by CMM363-2G will be sent to corresponding cloud server via GPRS to ensure genset can connected to the internet. Then the module transmits the data to corresponding cloud server via GPRS wireless network for achieving user’s real-time monitoring to running status and searching of running records via APP (IOS or Android) and pc terminal devices.

CMM363-2G controller has the GPS locate function and upload longitude and attitude information and elevation information to its relevant cloud server.

1. Connected to cloud server via GPRS 2G wireless network.
2. With ARM-based 32-bit SCM, high integration of hardware and strong programming ability.
3. Include with GPS locate function to achieve gain location information and locate genset.
4. Take JSON network data communication protocol, upload real-time data variation and take compression algorithm to vastly reduce network flow at the same time.
5. Cloud transfer trigger mode: when the power frequency exceeds 0, CMM363-2G controller upload data according to the real-time interval to upload data. Otherwise, if timing upload is enabled, it will trigger transmission on the basis of pre-set upload interval. 6. Constant transmit 2minutes a time. If set cloud transport trigger input, and input port effective, constant transmit will according to the pre-set upload interval.
7. Collect with single-phase voltage, single-phase current, frequency and power (active, reactive, apparent, power factor) and accumulate active energy. CMM363-2G controller is suit for three-phase four-wire, three-phase three-wire, single-phase tri-wire, two-phase three-wire(120/240V) power 50/60Hz system.
Generate electricity with functions of over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, over current and over power.
8. Two analog input ports, which not only can be set to temperature or pressure and liquid level sensor, but also can be set to switch input port.
9. Precision engine parameters as follow:
Temperature WT unit: °C
Engine oil pressure OP unit: kPa
Fuel level FL unit: %
Battery voltage VB unit: V
10. Parameter setting function: users can setting and change parameters. Parameters will be remembered into the internal FLASH memory to avoid data loss when power interruption of a system. All parameters are adjusted via PC through the LINK interface.
11. A variety of temperature, pressure, and oil level sensor curve can be used directly and be customized.
12.  Widely power supply: DC (8~35) V, can adapt to different battery voltage environment.
13. 1 auxiliary relay output ports which can output several of alarm signals.
14.  Power and multiple communication status indicators on front panel that working status is clear at a glance.
15. Lamp test function;
16. Parameter adjust function: users can adjust parameters via USB port;
17. Take standard π-type 35mm guide-rail installation or screw-fixed installation that the module can be installed in the genset control box;
18. Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic shell, light weight, compact structure with easy installation.

Why SmartGen?

  • More than 200,000 units yearly
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  • More than 50 offices worldwide
  • Almost 200 technology patents
  • ISO, GM and CCSR certificates
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