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SmartGen HBMS100 Energy storage Battery cabinet

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Technical Parameters:

Voltage Range  (582.4~759.2)VDC
Rated Voltage  665.6VDC
Cell Specification  Lithium iron phosphate, 3.2V/50Ah
Series/Parallel Specification  1P208S
Rated Capacity  50 Ah
Rated Energy  33.28 kWh
Max. Output Power  33.28 kW
Max. Discharging Current  50 A
Max. Charging Current  50 A
End-off Voltage  416 V
Max. Charging Voltage  759.2 V
Recommended Backup Time  60 min
Cycle Index  >2000
Communication Mode  RS485/CAN/ETHERNET

Product Overview:

HBMS100 Energy storage Battery cabinet is a battery management system with cell series topology, which can realize the protection of over charge/discharge for the built-in battery cells, as well as the over/under temperature protection and charge/discharge management of battery cells. It forms a perfect small and medium-sized distributed energy storage system with PCS that is widely used in industry and commerce, family and other power supply places.

HBMS100 Energy storage Battery cabinet is consisted of 13 HBMU100 battery boxes, 1 HBCU100 master control box, HMU8-BMS LCD module, cabinet and matched wiring harness, etc. The HBMU100 battery box and HBCU100 master control box communicate with each other via CANBUS. The HBMS100 battery box collects the voltage and temperature of the single cell from battery module and is processed by the high-performance embedded microprocessor. The whole system adopts modular design with compact structure and high reliability. The HBCU100 master control box collects all the cell voltage and temperature data through the internal CAN interface to protect the battery module. The communication with PCS can realize the charge/discharge management for the whole system, which is safe and reliable. The HMU8-BMS LCD module is able to display the SOC, SOH, cell voltage, temperature and related parameters of battery cluster. It can record the charging process and realize the real-time monitoring. The related parameters can be configured on LCD through front panel. Optional Chinese and English for operation interface is easy and reliable.


1. HBMS100 Energy Storage Battery Cabinet is consisted of 13 HBMU100 battery boxes, 1 HBCU100 master control box, 1 HMU8-BMS monitoring module and matched wiring harness.

2. HMU8-BMS monitoring module adopts 8-inch LCD with 800*600 resolution, capacitive touch screen and optional Chinese/English display;

3. Sample the battery total voltage, current (Hall Current Sensor) and calculate the data of SOC and SOH;

4. Alarm protections for cell over/under voltage, high/low temperature, charge/discharge overcurrent, low insulation value, abnormal communication. The tertiary alarms can set the actions of down current or high voltage power off;

5. With 2 isolation RS485 communication interface; 1 CAN communication interface and 1 ETHERNET interface;

6. With 2 aux. output ports (volts free NC) and 2 aux. input ports;

7. The charging process can be monitored to judge the charging stage, and the battery charging voltage can be displayed with icons;

8. Data of current date and total charge/discharge power (kWh) and battery capacity (Ah) can be counted;

9. Can record and display the required charging time;

10. Cell passive balance function;

11. With alarm status indicator;

12. The screen backlight time can be set by display module;

13. Available for a variety of PCS protocols;

14. The firmware can be upgraded through CAN interface;

15. Reliable, safety and long using life;

16. Fast plug-in connection can achieve the high efficiency operation and maintenance;

17. Standardized design and modular installation.

Why SmartGen?

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