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SmartGen HWP60-3 Forced Circulation Engine Water Heater


Technical Parameters:

Rated Power    6000W
Rated Voltage        AC 420V
Rated Current        8.3A
Engine Displacement(L)        25~50
Thermostat Range    Off: (5~99)ºC On: (0~94)ºC
Overheating Switch Range    Off: (95±3)ºC  On: (80±6)ºC
Electrical Strength        AC 1.5kV 1min
Insulating Resistance        ≥50MΩ
Inlet/Outlet Size    3/4”(Ф19.5mm)
Max. Water Pressure    0.5MPa
Protection Level    IP44
Vibration Resistance    (5~8)Hz Amplitude±7.5mm Triaxial (8~500)Hz a=2g Triaxial
Shock Resistance    Half-sine Wave; apeak=50g; Triaxial
Phase    3P3W
Pump Flow Velocity    40L/min (1.5m of lift)
Case Dimensions(mm)    444*284*400
Weight(kg)    1

Product Overview:
HWP60-3 forced circulation engine water heater is composed of 3 parts (control section, water pump and water heater).

If the outside temperature is lower than 4 ºC, engine coolant and lubricant may condense into solid state and lose their lubricating and cooling properties during cranking, which can damage the engine. Thus engine heater should be installed to ensure normal starting and running of the engine when the outside temperature is lower than 4 ºC.

HWP40-3 forced circulation engine water heater combines the following features: cast stainless steel inner pipes and end closure with high corrosion resistance; heating and overheat light indicators; user-defined thermostat set point; dry heating and overheat protection.

This product is suitable for various engine with (25~50) L displacement.


The circulating water pump adopts special customized pump with stainless steel pump head;

Microprocessor design of control section and PT100 temperature sampling. Coolant temperature can be set via the control panel. Four digital LED display, current coolant temperature and all kinds of set point temperature can be displayed clearly;

Dry heating and overheat protection due to the inner overheating temperature detect switch;

Separately control of water pump and water heater: power on the water pump and water heater synchronously, once the set temperature has reached, water heater will be powered off firstly, after 60s, following is water pump. The goal is to prevent heat concentration and significantly prolong water pump lifetime;

Manually test the water heater and water pump are normal or not via panel button;

Fine cast aluminum enclosure;

Stainless steel inner pipes and sealed end closure;

There is a water drain valve with seal ring on the bottom of the heater so as to be used when needed;

There is one-way inlet valve on the water inlet;

This product can work normally at -40 ºC temperature.

Why SmartGen?

  • More than 200,000 units yearly
  •  19 years of successful business
  • More than 50 offices worldwide
  • Almost 200 technology patents
  • ISO, GM and CCSR certificates
  • High quality and low prices
  •  Wide variety of generator parts


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