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SmartGen FPC615 Fire Pump Control Module

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Technical Parameters:
Display  LCD(132*64)
Operation Panel  Silicon Rubber
Language  Chinese & English & Others
Digital Input  3
Analogue Input  3
Digital Output  10
Monitor Interface  LINK
Programmable Interface  LINK
RTC & Event Log  ●
Scheduled Start/Stop  ●
IP Protection Class(front panel)  IP65
DC Supply  DC(8~35)V
Case Dimensions(mm)  197*152*47
Panel Cutout(mm)  186*141
Operating Temp.  (-25~+70)℃

Product Overview:
FPC615 Fire Pump Controller designed for controlling of fire pump unit. It fits with auto/manual mode transfer function, which can start unit automatically via remote input signals in auto mode as well as manual start unit via pressing start key on the front panel of the controller. It is able to monitor voltage status of two battery packs and simultaneous collect sensor and digital signals of the unit to monitor genset running status. Moreover, based on the user-defined data protection threshold, controller can initiate warning or shutdown alarms and corresponding information will be displayed on LCD of the controller to realize the intelligent protection for genset.


1.    132x64 pixel LCD with backlight, graphic screen with visualized display and easy operation;  
2.    Improved LCD wear-resistance and scratch resistance due to hard screen acrylic;
3.    Silicon panel and pushbuttons for better operation in high/low temperature environment;
4.    Detection function of engine speed;
5.    3 analog sensors (water temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor and oil temperature sensor);
6.    2 voltage sampling points of battery packs and 1 voltage sampling points of battery charger;
7.    3 programmable digital input ports;
8.    8 fixed relay output ports (start 1, start 2, stop, running, over speed, high engine temperature, low engine temperature, and low oil pressure);
9.    1 fixed transistor output port (high raw water temperature output) and 1 programmable transistor output port;
10.    2 battery packs can be switched to start the unit;
11.    With engine high water temperature and engine low oil pressure protection functions;
12.    Event log(max. 99 pieces), real-time clock;
13.    3 groups of maintenance function, and actions can be set when maintenance time due;
14.    Built-in multiple user-defined sensor curves;
15.    Parameter setting function: parameters can be configured from front panel of controller and will not lost in case of power dropout;
16.    Widely power supply range DC (8-35) V, which is suitable for different voltage environment of starting battery.  
17.    Waterproof security level IP55 due to rubber seal installed between the controller enclosure and panel fascia;
18.    Metal fixing clips enable perfect performance in high temperature environment;
19.    Modular design, anti-flaming ABS plastic enclosure, pluggable connection terminals and embedded installation way; compact structure with easy mounting.

Why SmartGen?

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