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SmartGen MGCP100B-2 Vertical Engine Control Panel + HMC9000A

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Product Overview:
MGCP100B-2 (C160) Diesel Engine Control Box (hereinafter “control box”) is an electronic measurement and control system for engine work condition, which is mainly composed of box, HMC9000A diesel engine controller, electronic GOV (provided by genset manufacturer), shock absorber, etc.

The control box integrates digitization, intelligentization and network technology which is used for automation control and monitoring system of single diesel engine to achieve local and remote control start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and “three remote” (remote control, remote measurement, remote communication) functions. The controller can remotely monitor engine via CANBUS to expand remote monitoring module HMC9800RM or remote control box.

The design of this product meets the quality certification of CCS and has obtained the certificate.


MGCP100B-2 (C160) diesel engine control box (hereinafter “control box”) is mainly composed of box, HMC9000A diesel engine controller, RPU560A redundant protection unit, AIN8 analog input module, HEP300 electronic potentiometer, HMP300 power integrated protection module, DOUT16B digital output module, electronic GOV (provided by genset manufacturer), BACM2420A charging module, BAC2408 charging module, shock absorber, etc. As the invisible champion of China’s industry, it has good reliability and stability, high measurement accuracy, small size, convenient operation, installation and maintenance among similar products. It is mainly used for medium-sized ship diesel engine control system.

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