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GPP Series Genset Parallel Panel, Suitable for multi-unit parallelling control

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GPP Series Genset Parallel Panel, Suitable for multi-unit parallelling control


Product Overview:
Our company is design and produce various model number generator to combine a machine cabinet and merges a cabinet, and the professional factory house of net cabinet.The product has already successfully released combining of various model number machine cabinet several hundred sets since this 80's in century published.

Merging the cabinet(combine machine cabinet) has been already moved, half auto, auto, full-automatic combine machine cabinet 4 kind.Full-automatic combine the combining of machine cabinet machine, the power allotment mold piece all chooses original package in the United States(GAC) import.Full-automatic merge a cabinet and have an automatic start of generator set, automatic same period, automatically combine machine, automatically press the ratio allotment and have a great achievement power and automatically increase machine|the solution row need machine and shut down and the generator past Zhang show, protection etc. various functions.Merge a cabinet and have combine net function(have four kinds of combine net method), convert system composing to automatically cut over through ATS, auto combine machine solution row double the power network full-automatic power supply system.Full-automatic merge a cabinet can also press the customer to request an increment data to collect the function is with correspondence.

1. There is the engineering designer of complete profession, and Be personally carry on adjusting to try, completely didn't merge the record of failure.Adjusting to try time is short, the effect is excellent.
2. Negative power protection, conduct electricity to flow a protection, the machine breaks down a protection, super load protection.Through 200 combine the machine practice proof have no the trouble take place.
3. The circuit of the safety lines up cloth completely according to the electricity norm
4. Power, three mutually electric current, frequency, the electric voltage shows.
5. The perfect sound and light reports to the police and have light and voice to ring link
6. Operate simple safety credibility
7. The in general use is strong and be applicable to Rolls Royce(PERKINS) and fertile Er fertile(VOLVO), speed(MTU), big Yu(DAEWOO), way depends on Ci(Deutz) etc. numerous domestic and international and different models, different capacity machine set of combine confidential beg.Any have two pedestals or two of the customers can choose.
8. The automatic air switch chooses French Shi Nai De or the switch of Italy ABB, can also choose a domestic switch.
9. Choice of synchronous controller, have a great achievement load auto to assign machine and various protection mold piece to all adopt American original package import, control a technique forerunner, protect function very perfect, work safety credibility.
10. The box body, electricity and component all presses import specification to design, make.
11. Craft:Press the international advanced level strictly request.
12. The component chooses the component of importing professional factory house, the function is dependable
13. Layout reasonable, shape beauty generous.
14. The perfect after-sales service link is constituted by the maintaining of profession troops.
15. Serve quickly, protect to fix for a year.

Why SmartGen?

  • More than 200,000 units yearly
  •  19 years of successful business
  • More than 50 offices worldwide
  • Almost 200 technology patents
  • ISO, GM and CCSR certificates
  • High quality and low prices
  •  Wide variety of generator parts


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