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SmartGen CMM365-4G Cloud Monitoring Communication Module

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Technical Parameters:

WIFI/Ethernet/3G/2G`    4G
RS485    ●
GPS Antenna Interface    ●
GPRS Antenna Interface    ●
DC Supply    DC(8~35)V
Case Dimensions(mm)    86*61*36
Operating Temp.        (-25~+70)℃
Net Weight(kg)        0.1

Product Overview:
CMM365-4G Cloud Monitoring Communication Module is 4G wireless network communication protocol conversion module of all-modes, which can achieve genset (with SCI) connection with Internet. After logging into cloud server, module will receive corresponding genset controller communication protocol from cloud server. Cloud monitoring module can obtain genset data information via RS485 port and send the information to related could server via 4G wireless network. Users can monitor genset running status at real time and check genset running records by mobile APP (IOS or Android), or PC etc. terminal device.  

It has GPS and BD positioning function, which can upload the obtained longitude and latitude, altitude information at real time to the corresponding cloud server.


Connect to cloud server via 4G wireless network, one cloud monitoring module for one genset;

With port for communication with genset control module: RS485, which can monitor most genset control modules of leading brands internationally;

Wide power supply: DC (8~35)V, which can directly use engine starting battery;

GPS and BD positioning function for obtaining genset location information to realize genset positioning;

Apply network data communication protocol of JSON format, upload the genset data changes at real time, meanwhile compression algorithm is applied, which greatly reduces network flow;

Upload data to server immediately when genset has alarms;

Module panel has power and multiple communication status indicators; clearly display module working status;

Parameter setting function: users can do parameter setting by module RS485 port;

Modular structure design, flame retardant ABS enclosure, light weight, compact structure with easy installation.  

Why SmartGen?

  • More than 200,000 units yearly
  •  19 years of successful business
  • More than 50 offices worldwide
  • Almost 200 technology patents
  • ISO, GM and CCSR certificates
  • High quality and low prices
  •  Wide variety of generator parts


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