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SmartGen HAT310-S01 ATS Controller 120/240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1-3 phase version

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Product Overview:

HAT310-120V ATS Controller is suitable for 2-stage of PC, and ATS of CC class (close signal isconstant output). It can accurately detect 3-phase 4-wire mains voltage and generator single phase voltage. When mains under voltage and loss of phase occurred, HAT310-120V will control ATS transferafter delay. If mains are unavailable, the controller has the function to initiate signals to start gen-set.


HAT310-120V controller can detect 3-phase 4-wire mains voltage/generator single phasevoltage and control ATS.
Main characteristics are as follows,
1) With aotomatic charge and automatic recorvery function.
2) With under volatge and loss of phase detection function.
3) LED indicators on the pannal can show working status of controller clearly.
4) Applicable for 2 isolated neutral line.
5) Mains normal delay configured via potentiometer (range: 1~60s), and generator normal delay viapotentiometer (range: 1~60s)
6) Mians is unavailable, if any phase voltage belows minimum working voltage or phase loss occurredgen-set will be started.
7) Output contact capacity of mains and generator transfer relay is 16A AC120V, which can directlyused to drive switch conversion.
8) Output contact capacity of GENS START relay is 16A AC120V, it is volt freenormally-open/normally-closed contect.
9) Strong anti-electromagnetic interference performance enable controller to use in the enviromentwith strong electromagnetic interfrence.
10) Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic shell, pluggable terminal, compact structure;
11) Two installation ways: internal 35mm slideway and internal screw mounting.


Operating Voltage - AC power A1N1/A2N2 supply. Rated AC120V (range: AC90~150V)
Power Consumption Under rated voltage, power consumption of voltage circuit is not more than 2W
AC Voltage Input: - 3-phase 4-wire (120/208 VAC),
                               2 phase 3-wire (120/240VAC),
                               single-phase 2-wire (120VAC):  
                               AC70V – AC150V (ph-N)
AC Frequency - 50/60Hz
Gens-set Starter Relay - 16A 120V AC Volts free output (Normally close)
Mains Close Relay - 16A 120V AC AC Supply output (Normally open)
Gen Close Relay - 16A 120V AC AC Supply output (Normally open)
Case Dimensions - 110mmx77.5mmx55mm
Screw Mounting Dimensions - 65mmx65.1mm
Working Conditions - Temperature: (-25~+70)°C;
                                - Humidity: (20~93)%RH
Storage Condition - Temperature: (-25~+70)°C
Insulation Strength - Apply AC1.5kV voltage between high voltage terminal and low voltage terminal; The leakage current is not more than 3mA within 1min.
Weight - 0.2kg

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