The Tips of HGM6100N Series Control Module

he parameter display of ECU engine shutdown

We want to check the parameters of the engine when the engine is shutdown. What should we do? Rewiring the ECU to power on? For the ECU engine, when we press the start button of control module in stop mode, the control module will power up the ECU but not start the engine, so you can check the engine parameters.

Force Start

When the generator sets need to be forced to start, the control module can compulsively start the generator set by pressing the mobile phone key and the start key at the same time. The control module does not judge the generator set crank successfully or not according to the crank successfully conditions. The departure of starter is controlled by the operator.

Screen Backlight

The control module shuts it down automatically to reduce power consumption after the backlight works for a while. If the user is not used to this function, we can turn it off. The operation is as follows: press the down key and up key at the same time, the backlight of the screen will be on or off all the time.

Automatic Identification of Flywheel Teeth

In the flywheel teeth configuration interface, flywheel teeth configuration state and frequency is greater than 20 Hz. Press the start button, the control module will automatically calculate flywheel teeth. Then press the confirmation key to change flywheel teeth.

Mini Battery Charger-BAC1203VE, Small Enough to Fit in Your Pocket

The space of genset is small, but existing intelligent charger is too large and there is no place to install the charger!

Although there are some small chargers exist in the market, they can not meet the demand of battery intelligent charging! The current chargers have a high failure rate!

At the critical moment, the battery is low!

Mini intelligent battery charger-BAC1203VE can solve all the troubles!

Light the World, Life Is More Wonderful with ALC404!

Lighting tower generator set are mainly used for construction during the night , emergency relief, tunnel, mine,parking lot, wharf, civil and military airports, etc. The intelligent lighting tower control module can guarantee the emergency supply of electric power and lighting! The new generation lighting tower control module can meet the multiple needs of intelligent control.


CHINA TOWER is the largest telecommunications tower infrastructure service provider in the world. As of December 31, 2017, CHINA TOWER has operated, managed 1872154 sites and served 2687475 lessees. According to the Sullivan report, as of December 31, 2017 and in the whole year of 2017, CHINA TOWER ranked first among the global telecommunication tower infrastructure service providers according to the number of site, the number of lessees and the income computation.

Gotta Have You: HGM7100N

Since 2016, SmartGen has continually launched a series of N products, from HGM6100N ,HGM400N to HAT500N and HAT600N. How could there be no HGM7000 series, as good-looking controllers, in N series! The upcoming release of new HGM7100N is born with halo. I believe that it will bring you unexpected surprises.

The Promotion of BAC06S Solar Battery Charger

After SGB100 bluetooth communication module, another new product of SmartGen named BAC06S solar battery charger comes out. During the promotion period, if you have product demand and would like to be a pilot program of solar charging, you will get a free BAC06S charger from SmartGen. There are only 7 lucky clients for free products. First come, first served.
HGM1790N Small Genset Controller

HGM1790N Small Genset Controller

HGM1790N genset controller is suit for single unit automation and monitoring control (also can be used for pimping unit). It can be started and stopped manually or via a remote start/stop signals. HGM1790N controller can supervise and protect genset operation by gathering and analyzing genset data like generate voltage, current, water temperature, oil pressure and so on, and graphical LCD monitor on the front panel displays fault conditions and provides effective alarm signals so as to do maintenance as soon as possible. Moreover, parameter threshold and delay value can be adjusted via front panel or USB port (communicated with PC software).

HGM1790N — For Small Power Genset

For the small power genset, due to the limitation of volume, the control unit should also consider its appearance size and its economic practicability!