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SmartGen HAT520NC Suitable for NO Breaking ATS

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HAT520NC ATS Controller is composed of the core microprocessor, which can precisely measure 3 phase/single phase voltage of 2 ways, make accurate judgment on abnormal voltages (power lost, over/under voltage, over/under frequency, loss of phase, phase sequence wrong), and control ATS to transfer after the delay has expired. It is suitable for No breaking ATS. When 1# power is abnormal, controller can send signal to start genset after the "1# abnormal delay" has expired. "Three remotes" (remote control, remote measurement, and remote communication) function can be implemented via RS485 communication port.


Measure and display 2-way 3 phase Voltage and Frequency:

1#                                 2#

Line voltage   (Uab, Ubc, Uca)     Line voltage   (Uab, Ubc, Uca)

Phase voltage (Ua, Ub, Uc)         Phase voltage (Ua, Ub, Uc)

Frequency    Hz                    Frequency    Hz

Over/under voltage, loss of phase, phase sequence wrong, over/under frequency detection function. As default, phase sequence wrong and over/under frequency detection are disable; however, users can set the function as you need.

RS485 communication port (SmartGen SG72 adaptor is needed). It can realize controller parameter configuration function and it also can realize firmware update of controller.

The normal delay of 1# or 2# power can be set (Range: 0~60s) and the Genset start delay can be set (Range: 0~3600s).

The abnormal delay of 1# or 2# power can be set (Range: 0~60s) and the Genset stop delay can be set (Range: 0~3600s)s.

1# Master”, “Each Backup” and “2# Master” can be set via controller front panel, to realize 1# master power supply, 2# master power supply, or backup supply methods for each other to supply power.

Close output signal can be set as on intervals or as continuous output.

2-way N line isolated design.

Auto/Manual mode transfer. In manual mode, ATS transfer 1# switch or 2# switch can be implemented via panel pushbutton.

LEDs mounted on front panel can clearly show ATS running status.

The output contactor capacity of 1# and 2# power supply transfer relay (1# CLOSE, 2# CLOSE) is 16A AC250V, volts-free contact, can be directly used in driving switch to transfer.

The output contactor capacity of Genset start relay (GENS START) is 7A AC250V/7A DC28V, volts-free N/C contact.

Suitable for various AC systems (3 phase 4-wire, 2-phase 3-wire and single-phase 2-wire).

Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic shell, pluggable terminal, built-in mounting, compact structure with easy installation.

Why SmartGen?

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  • Almost 200 technology patents
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