HMC4000RM remote monitoring controller integrates digitization, intelligentization and network technology which are used for remote monitoring system of single unit to achieve remote start/stop functions. It fit with LCD display, and optional Chinese/English languages interface. It is reliable and easy to use.


132*64 LCD with backlit, optional Chinese/English interface display, and push-button operation;

Hard-screen acrylic material been used to protect screen with great wear-resisting and scratch-resisting functions;

Silicone panel and buttons with great performance to work in high/low temperature ambient;

Connect to host controller via RS485 port to achieve remote start/stop control in remote control mode;

With LCD brilliance level (5 levels) adjusting button, it is convenient to use in different occasion;

Waterproof security level IP65 due to rubber seal installed between the controller enclosure and panel fascia.

Metal fixing clips are used;

Modular design, self extinguishing ABS plastic enclosure and embedded installation way; small size and compact structure with easy mounting.

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