BAC06AU battery charger applies up-to-date switch-type power component, and is specially designed for lead-acid engine starter batteries based on the charging characteristics. It is suitable for long-term complement charging (float) of lead-acid batteries. Output current is 4A for battery 12V, and output current is 3A for battery 24V.


Applying switch-type power structure; wide input AC voltage range, small volume, light weight, and high efficiency;

Applying two-stage charging method (first constant current, second constant voltage) to charge automatically, charging is done fully based on battery charging characteristics, which can prevent lead-acid battery over charging, and can prolong battery life in the most degree;

Short circuit and reverse connection protection functions;

Charging voltage, and current values can be adjusted by potentiometer on site;

Status LED display: power indicator, charging indicator;

UL recognition has been done with Certificate No. E362048;

BAC06AU applies horizontally-mounted installation method, simple and easy.

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