HGM170is a generator control module designed to start and stop the engine via a key switch and pushbuttons on the front panel or remote start signal. When detecting faults (low oil pressure, high water/cylinder temperature, auxiliary alarm, over speed), it will disconnect fuel relay and energize to stop. LED annunciator displays the faults, which can offer real and effective alarm information.


Wide range of DC supply;

Low oil pressure, high water/cylinder temperature, over speed protection and indication;

With charge failure indication: warn, not shutdown;

An auxiliary shutdown alarm signal;

Speed signal comes from generator frequnecy;

LED displays various alarm states;

Built-in dial switch to select frequency  

With fuel output, start output, pre-heat and stop output;

Modular structure design, ABS plastic case, plug-in installation, compact structure with small volume, advanced SCU control, stable performance and convenient operation.

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